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Consulting services to
achieve your goals


Discover, design and implement solutions that work for you, your stakeholders and communities.

Set the bar in your sector

We provide advice about the highly complex issues facing us today. We dive deep into causes and see issues from multiple perspectives to create lasting and effective solutions. We always bring clear thinking and optimism.

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Meeting of two colleagues

We make great things happen.


Impact assessment
(health, social, integrated)

"Evidence-based decision making at its finest."

Understanding what might happen in the future and how to maximise or minimise potential outcomes. New developments, plan changes, RMA, fast tracking, reviewing.


Evaluation and learning

"Drawing conclusions about the quality, value, or importance of your programme, project or strategy"

Delivering clear, well-reasoned answers to your most important questions.

Our evaluations focus on what you want to know rather than what is easy to measure.  


Engagement and facilitation

"Diversity is a fact.
Inclusion is a choice we make every day.

Inform, consult, involve, collaborate or empower: your choice.

One on one, small groups, events or communities.

Connecting with priority populations.  


Monitoring and surveillance

"What gets measured gets managed.
What gets managed gets done."

Developing frameworks, surveys and questionnaires. Analysis and reporting.  


Evidence reviews

"If I have seen further, it is by standing
on the shoulders of giants."

Discovering the evidence about underlying causes, what might work, and tested solutions.


Health in All Policies

"Health outcomes are largely determined by
the actions of those outside the health sector."

Supporting the health sector to work alongside partners and stakeholders to achieve joint goals.


Complex problem solving

"If your only tool is a hammer then
every problem looks like a nail."

When organisations and communities are facing a complex problem, we can help understand the causes, engage all stakeholders, and work together for solutions.


Short term contracts

"Many hands make light work"

When you need a skilled person to boost your project, we can help.


Workforce development

"Encouraging growth through life-long learning"

People learn in different ways.

We create safe spaces for groups to learn and develop their skills.


Experience at your service

Carolyn Watts

Since co-founding Quigley and Watts with Rob Quigley in 2005 I have been privileged to work on many of the key issues determining the health and wellbeing of people in Aotearoa, New Zealand. I am constantly looking for challenging roles and issues that require a mix of conceptual thinking and strategic development. I particularly enjoy working with decision makers and communities, to build great solutions for complex issues.

Rob Quigley

I have over 20 years experience as a consultant in New Zealand, Australia and globally. I specialise in understanding complex situations and providing practical advice to maximise opportunities and minimise potential issues. I use many approaches including impact assessment (social-, health-, integrated-), monitoring and surveillance, engagement, facilitation, evidence reviews, HiAP and evaluation.

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PO Box 24266,
Wellington 6142,
New Zealand.

+64 (0)21 828 055 (Carolyn)

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